Keepers Extra is a 2-year project to optimize the benefit of the Keepers Registry service to UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other key stakeholders. The project is managed by EDINA and funded by Jisc. It builds on the success of the Keepers Registry Beta service, which provides easily accessible information about the archiving arrangements for electronic journals. The Keepers Registry is an output of the JISC funded project, Piloting an E-journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS) and was created in partnership with the ISSN International Centre.

Keepers Extra began on 1 August 2014 and will run until July 2016.

What will Keepers Extra do?

We aim to maximize the potential value of Keepers Registry to libraries, preservation agencies and publishers through greater national and international collaboration. Our objectives are:

  • Tools for Libraries and Publishers: Engage with the library and publisher community to ensure that the Keepers Registry service provides a rich and effective toolkit for ejournal archiving.  Our goal is to provide tools and reports needed to inform planning and management of long-term access to journals.
  • Research and Development: Research, prototype and introduce improved data quality and service workflows so that Keepers Registry features and reports are as clear and comprehensive as possible.
  • Governance and Strategy: Design an international governance, oversight, outreach and advocacy framework so that the Keepers Registry service is viewed as a trusted sustainable service, and information about archiving coverage can be surfaced as the basis for shared international responsibility.
  • Safe Places Network: Help to understand and improve preservation coverage by establishing a ‘Safe Places Network’, an international stakeholder working group with a strategic remit to improve archiving coverage.

Who is involved with Keepers Extra?

Keepers Extra is managed by EDINA and Jisc, and the project board is supported by the ISSN International Centre.

We are forming a series of community working groups to explore library and archiving agency needs, priorities and constraints. We welcome feedback. If you would like to find out more about the project or have any suggestions, please get in touch.